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Our mission at Amorose Family Chiropractic is to provide you and your loved ones with the opportunity to heal naturally through gentle, quality chiropractic care.  We believe that each person should have the opportunity to function at their highest potential.  We strive to educate our community that health is not merely the absence of symptoms, that it is living a life free from nerve interference!

Carol N.

“These 2 doctors are amazing! My husband and I had so much pain in our shoulders, neck, back and were taking Aleve twice a day. Our sleep was so interrupted from the pain. After having just 2 adjustments we noticed a huge difference. We get a good night sleep every night and feel great in the morning. I also had terrible heartburn with everything I would eat or drink. No more heartburn. We haven’t felt this good in years. I highly recommend Dr. Lucas and his lovely wife Dr. Kelly to everyone I talk to. Their office is full of love and joy, and Baker their Regal Beagle is a must to meet.”

Josh F.

“After going to numerous chiropractors over the years that never seemed to provide relief, I started to become very skeptical that my back pain would get corrected. Fortunately, I met Drs. Lucas and Kelly in November of 2015. They have provided a completely different type of care that encompasses more than a traditional chiropractor. From the beginning of my care plan I started to feel immediate results, and those results have continued to improve month over month. Per their advice, I have changed many aspects of my diet and exercise to assist with improving my condition as well. Thank you Docs for all that you do!”

Bernie R.

“The Amoroses have become my go-to doctors this year. Most recently, I had a bad fall that resulted in a broken foot and broken arm. Dr. Kelly paid special gentle attention to my injured shoulder and jaw, made adjustments, explained what and why she was finding things, then recommended a follow up plan — included natural oils. I love the holistic approach that the Amorose’s take. They listen to their patients. They help the body heal itself. I love this. This is one doctor appointment that you WANT to come to!”

Jen S.

“I was admittedly wary of chiropractic care, but those feelings quickly went away after spending time with Drs. Kelly and Lucas. I took my son with autism there, and they were always extremely kind and understanding at every single visit we had. Without hesitation, I have recommended their practice to multiple special needs families!”

Danielle S.

“We love Dr. Lucas and Dr. Kelly. They are so caring and passionate about their patients and chiropractic care. My kids love the docs and Baker! Great experience thus far and we look forward to all of the new experiences and education offered by the doctors!”

Andie W.

“My 3 year old and I have been seeing Dr. Kelly and Dr. Lucas for some time and we adore them. They have the most inviting personalities and make such a good team. They genuinely care about their patients and take the time to educate and treat them. We are very lucky to have them!”


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